How to Type Bengali Currency Ana, Ganda and Rupaya

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Bengali Currency

Bengali Currency Ana, Ganda and Rupaya was used in olden days .

In Bengal, the Rupaya is also referred to as Taka. Historically, the Rupaya is comprised of a smaller unit called the Ana.

There are 16 Ana in 1 Rupaya.

The Ana itself consists of a smaller unit called the Ganda. There are 20 Ganda in 1 Ana.

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can type Bengali currency. In order to type in Bengali, you will need to use free online Bengali Typing Pad.

Type Bengali Rupaya/Rupee

The Bengali Rupaya is indicated with digits and is marked with “৲”. The mark is written after the unit.

EnglishBengaliType using PramukhIME
1 Rupaya১৲1Rs-
2 Rupaya২৲2Rs-
3 Rupaya৩৲3Rs-
And so on…

Type Bengali Ana

The Bengali ana is written with “currency numerators” or fraction signs. It is marked with Bengali currency denominator sixteen, which is written after the unit.

EnglishBengaliType using PramukhIME
1 Ana৴৹1_A_
2 Ana৵৹2_A_
3 Ana৶৹3_A_
4 Ana৷৹4_A_
5 Ana৷৴৹4_1_A_
6 Ana৷৵৹4_2_A_
7 Ana৷৶৹4_3_A_
8 Ana৷৷৹4_4_A_
9 Ana৷৷৴৹4_4_1_A_
10 Ana৷৷৵৹4_4_2_A_
11 Ana৷৷৶৹4_4_3_A_
12 Ana৸৹12_A_
13 Ana৸৴৹12_1_A_
14 Ana৸৵৹12_2_A_
15 Ana৸৶৹12_3_A_
1 Rupaya১৲1Rs-

Type Bengali Ganda

The Bengali ganda is written using digits and the Bengali ganda mark “৻” precedes the unit.

EnglishBengaliType using PramukhIME
1 Ganda৻১G_1
2 Ganda৻২G_2
3 Ganda৻৩G_3
4 Ganda৻৪G_4
5 Ganda৻৫G_5
6 Ganda৻৬G_6
7 Ganda৻৭G_7
8 Ganda৻৮G_8
9 Ganda৻৯G_9
10 Ganda৻১G_10
11 Ganda৻১১G_11
12 Ganda৻১২G_12
13 Ganda৻১৩G_13
14 Ganda৻১৪G_14
15 Ganda৻১৫G_15
16 Ganda৻১৬G_16
17 Ganda৻১৭G_17
18 Ganda৻১৮G_18
19 Ganda৻১৯G_18
1 Ana৴৹1_A_

How to Use Typed Text

PramukhIME Bengali typing software allows you to type in Bengali Unicode. Hence, you can copy the typed text and paste it into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, Notepad, Android, iPhone etc and use it the way you want.

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